About us

Welcome to Leu Consulting, a professional outfit focused on assisting our clients maximizes outstanding results from their investments in information technology and business processes. With more than two decades experience in Europe, we have built a robust partnership with financial institutions in Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


Presently, we are promoting the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates as the best investor hub in the world.  With our excellent and customer-friendly infrastructure, as well as highly qualified professional experts who are well rooted in diverse cultural settings, we are poised to serve you better with exceptional services.


With a strategic location at Rakez, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, we have consistently delivered our customer-focused services to the satisfaction of our clients. Our team of experts is committed to providing

our esteemed customers with an extensive range of services such as business consulting, application services, business analysis, project, portfolio, and program management.


Our experience and results in the financial services industry in Europe are undeniable as reputable financial institutions in Germany, Switzerland, and London, United Kingdom can testify to our capabilities. At Leu Consulting, our focus is on development of relationships that benefits our customers and employees.


The market in the 21st century is a competitive one, and there is a need for organizations to be at the top of their games to lead the pack or risk being left behind. Unfortunately, most professionals are getting it wrong and this leads to a significant loss of clientele base and revenues for organizations. That is why you need us at Leu Consulting to assist your business operations.


Project Management can be defined as an arrangement of tasks aimed at providing a particular product or service within a stipulated time. It is supervised by qualified project managers who are charged with the responsibility of controlling and monitoring the quality of the product or service in accordance with the set standards and within the allocated constraints. On the other hand, Program Management entails the application of techniques, tools, knowledge, and skills to a specific program in an attempt to the requirements of the program and achieves the advantages and benefits unavailable to individual project managements. It also aims at optimizing the application of resources and reduction of constraints.


Portfolio Management involves the alignment with the organizational strategies by choosing the appropriate projects or programs, giving priority to the work, and providing the necessary resources for the success of the project.


We have a team of innovative experts that can provide you with the best portfolio, program, and project management services. We understand that the absence of a reliable service provider for this service can make it difficult for your organization to meet the expectations of your business associates, sponsors, and clients.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management entails the vast management system disciplines required to help brands achieve their set goals, and also ensure the alignment of their resources to attain the strategic goals of the organization. At Leu Consulting, we are specialists in the field as we understand each phase of this service ranging from organizational change to low level project planning, as well as helping with strategic re-alignments.


Our pride is helping businesses achieve their objectives within a short time as we have a rich history of collaborating with financial institutions in Europe for two decades. It is a common knowledge that we have improvised the art of project, portfolio, and program management with our staunch support for research and excellent practice discovery among organizations working with us. Our experienced consultants are committed to our vision, and these professionals are renowned in the industry for offering premium services.


At Leu Consulting, our experience has shown us that no organization is safe from problems. Our responsibility is to put our expertise and skill into play to ensure things get better for the brand. We have the best hands to work on your issues and provide you with the required support that will ensure your goals are attained. You have the best professionals who can assist you with the alignment of programmatic goals to strategy when you collaborate with us. We can also assist you with the optimization of resource allocation among projects as well as the handling of cost and schedule control.