Merger and Acquisitions

The role of procurement cannot be overemphasized in ensuring a successful merger and acquisition process. It is worthy to note that a significant part of the synergy advantages in most merger and acquisitions deals is made possible by purchasing procedures and suppliers.


Without mincing words, the incorporation of contractual relationships, e-procurement systems, global supply sources, procurement teams and the values of the organization plays a role in the mergers and acquisition deals. Other factors are the anticipation of the shareholders and deadlines for the completion of the deal.

Leu Consulting has the capability and experience to increase value from procurement in M&A deals. You can count on our support to correctly discover the amazing benefits, realizing quick cash-flow savings or incorporating the various procurement units into a new high-performance procurement brand, as we deliver end-to-end competence.


As an experienced brand with a rich history in closing successful M&A deals, we have earned a unique reputation for ourselves as we have assisted several companies achieve amazing benefits and incorporate their procurement responsibilities. We have also created a vigorous integration plan and focused savings realization procedure for the short, medium and long term with our incredible pre-merger diagnostic service. Our post-merger service also assist organizations retain the savings with the application of accelerated strategic sourcing and implementation of the integration plan.