Infrastructure Services

Leu Consulting provides our clients with the best guidelines in respect of their infrastructure acquisition and improvement. This service entails providing them with sound assessments that are not affected by the internal factors or organizational influences.


As a brand with the experience that aligns with the needs of your organization, we have a team of professionals who are willing to help you with your projects irrespective of the size ranging from small projects to larger projects. We also understand the fact that change is the main constant factor in the world of information technology, and we are committed to continuous professional development to ensure we are ahead of the rest of our competitors and deliver an exceptional customer service for our clientele.

Leu Consulting provides reliable solutions that focus on the demand for premium network-related services. Our experienced consultants are network specialists that utilize their in-depth understanding of the technology evolvement and real-world experience to create a proactive design procedure for your network based on your budget.


We deliver professional recommendations which are a true reflection of our knowledge and experience. We take a critical look at your requirements according to your organization’s challenges and proffer a viable solution that also caters to the needs of your business. We offer support services and installation services of server and workstation software for the automation of office or business applications as well as a network operating system.


Our value-added services are as follows:

  • Provision of knowledge and transfer
  • Selection and Procurement of hardware and software
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Provision of system software support
  • Evaluation and analysis of Requirements/needs
  • Configuration, Integration and Installation of System
  • After-sales support.