At Leu Consulting, we have a unique approach which offers a comprehensive evaluation of your project. We also take a critical look at your project from a prevention-focused project health and engage in a deep project review to assist your organization identify what is working, and what is not functional, and also provide feasible solutions to solve the issues.


Leu Consulting provides you with a reliable platform to assist you solve complicated project issues by discovering the real causes and offer a pragmatic and simple pathway. We can offer professional support if you are searching for reassurance and worried about missing deadlines and increased expenses on your project.

We deliver this service in three phases and these are:

Readiness Assessment

Project Health Check

Project Review

Our readiness assessment service is specifically created for the evaluation of project at the beginning stages of development to be sure that your brand is properly placed for success. On the other hand, our valuable project health check service is to offer a feasible opportunity to authenticate your project’s status. Our project review will create a concise evaluation of your project, as well as identify the cause of the problems for your project and proffer an action plan to ensure things are working as envisioned.

Benefits of using our independent project review services are as follows:

  • Alliance with the objectives of your organization
  • Improved Scope Control
  • It also plays a significant role in improving the decision making in your organization.
  • It also minimizes user acceptance issues.
  • It helps your organization manage risk efficiently.
  • Enhanced Returns on Investment.
  • Improved probability of timely completion within the constraints of the budget.

In the last twenty years, we have maintained our position as an efficient leader in independent project review services in the industry. We have consistently completed project reviews for several organizations in European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. We would be pleased to collaborate with your brand on independent project review services that will improve the fortunes of your organization.