50 Amazing Progressive Web App Examples Pwa Ultimate Guide

50 Amazing Progressive Web App Examples Pwa Ultimate Guide

It is by far the most well-known website to search for creative ideas. To attain the success and profitability of any online venture, high-performing applications play a significant role. As a result, websites across the industries are exercising an innovative standard known as Progressive Web Apps to enhance their productivity. In the act of defiance, Spotify put its plans into action and swiftly developed its own progressive web app for iOS, following a dispute between them and Apple. Apple wished to impose a 30% commission on the app store back in 2017, which Spotify opposed.

best pwa applications

Let’s delve into exactly what these PWAs are, how you can get started with them, and what benefits they offer. PWA development service for Shopify is the service offered by headless Shopify companies to build, test, deploy, and maintain the PWA Shopify store. Shopify merchants buy PWA Shopify services from agencies or freelancers to customize and fasten their stores.

What Are The Features Of A Progressive Web App?

One of the most powerful features of the web is the ability to link to an app at a specific URL without the need for an app store or complex installation process. For a course that breaks down every aspect of modern progressive web app development, check out Learn PWA. VaporBoy is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator designed with a sleek vaporwave aesthetic. It does everything you would expect emulation software to do, including playing a variety of homebrew ROMs, all right from your mobile device.

  • I myself have use quite a few from them like mmt, uber, bmw and starbuck and I must say, really I like using all of them.
  • Debenhams is a British fashion, beauty and home retailer founded in the 18th century as a single store in London and now operating over 240 stores across 27 countries.
  • The old computing model kept a hard separation between desktop software, mobile apps, and websites.
  • Capitalizing on the success of its online marketplace, Jumia ventured into the travel industry with Jumia Travel.
  • PWA has already proved to be a game-changer, with businesses around the globe flocking to adopt it and reap the benefits it offers.
  • Also, one of the benefits of platform independence of PWAs is you do not need to submit the app to the App Store for approval.

With the increasing amount of mobile users, Forbes saw a huge potential when launching their own PWA in 2017. With super-fast page loads, push-notifications, instant transitions, and light design, Forbes managed to increase user engagement and increased conversions. Somewhat surprisingly, Keep is currently the sole Google service that’s offered as a genuinely capable and worthwhile progressive web app at this point. Unlike its Google-family cousins, Keep acts like an actual program and allows you to search, view, and edit existing notes and also take new notes even when you’re offline.

Progressive web apps must use service workers to create programmable content caches. This requirement helps pages to be accessible offline or on low quality networks. Beginning in the early 2010s dynamic web pages allowed web technologies to be used to create interactive web applications. Responsive web design, and the screen-size flexibility it provides, made PWA development more accessible. Continued enhancements to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript allowed web applications to incorporate greater levels of interactivity, making native-like experiences possible on a website. Btw, you would need a Pluralsight membership to join this course.


These are the best courses to learn this in-demand technology and created by experts and chosen from sites like Udemy, Pluralsight, and Educative. There is a good chance that you haven’t heard about the progressive web app, the modern style of creating and distributing your application, but don’t worry. A PWA should launch and give users meaningful content regardless of network conditions. In order to create a PWA, developers need to use a variety of tools and frameworks. These tools and frameworks can help developers to create user interfaces, manage data, and test their applications.

You won’t have this choice of flexibility if you decide to develop a PWA than a native mobile app for your business requirement. In this article, you will not only learn what is progressive web apps but also see the best online courses to learn about Progressive web apps and how to build them. Moreover, it is necessary to find a progressive web app development company that has experience with the framework or tool you’re planning to use. This will ensure that your project is completed successfully and have on-time project delivery.

best pwa applications

Today, over half of all homes in the U.S. report listening to podcasts regularly, and there are over 660,000 to choose from on iTunes alone. Seeing this trend means PWAs like Podle are more than just niche products. Podle allows anyone to search for, listen to, and save podcasts from a fantastically straightforward interface.

Dedicated Developers

PWA allows users to access network pages from their browser’s bookmarks and will enable them to load the content instantly without needing a server. It means you can build and access internet sites using any mobile or operating system. Companies can use native mobile apps or apps built here to increase customer engagement.

best pwa applications

Apps PWAs offer several benefits that make them much better than native mobile apps. Because they are made using the web, PWA can access from any smartphone browser, regardless of the operating system, and offer an experience similar to a smartphone. Users can also install a PWA on their phone’s home screen quickly and easily by adding a shortcut to the home screen without accessing an app store.

Wrapping Up The 50 Best Pwa Examples

Jumia Travel was then acquired by Travelstart in 2019 to create one of the biggest platforms in the travel industry. Jumia Travel’s mobile users are redirected to Travelstart even on the PWA where they can book flights, hotel accommodations and cars for rent. Capitalizing on the success of its online marketplace, Jumia ventured into the travel industry with Jumia Travel. Its PWA was instrumental in increasing traffic by twelvefold and conversion rates by 33% according to Google.

best pwa applications

Jumia discovered that the most of its clients utilized the website while mobile, and that 75% of them had poor 2G network connections. This company noticed a 33% boost in conversion rates and a 50% drop in bounce rate with their new PWA. Jumia PWA now consumes 25 times less data storage than its native app.

React Pwa Library

To understand the issue, the company looked into customer behavior and found out that they had terrible user experience on the mobile app. Thanks again to service workers, that define specifically what the browser should cache locally – PWAs can be built to offer a fast, full experience even when the https://globalcloudteam.com/ user has poor connectivity. You can download them on the Google Play store and check them out – and see how they feel like any other native apps. In this article we’re going to define progressive web apps, discuss their most important benefits, and share 50 examples of the best PWAs on the internet.

For a long time, native mobile apps were the benchmark for mobile UX. However, PWAs may now replicate much of its feel and functionality directly from the browser. Ingenious usage of JavaScript performance optimization and service workers let them deliver their users a faster, smoother, and most receptive experience. The Uber PWA is one of the best progressive web apps that is intended to work on low-speed networks. Developed with the concept of an app-like experience that is available on all contemporary browsers, PWA is proficient for riders on low-end devices. In recent times, they restructured their mobile site to a Progressive Web App termed as Flipkart Lite.

Development Methodology

Compatible with all modern browsers, m.uber offers an app-like experience for riders on low-end devices, including those not supported by the native client. Since the mobile web was attracting more customers than the Debenhams app, the team made a strategic decision to build a Progressive Web App experience for users rather than maintaining the app. In January 2019, Magento announced the release of the PWA studio. An anticipated announcement, welcomed with great enthusiasm by the community, although it doesn’t strictly offer a ready-to-use solution. Even if you have a fully optimized website from the content and technical SEO perspective, this might not be enough to outperform your competition.

Microsoft Store publishes some qualifying PWAs automatically (even without app authors’ request) after discovering them via Bing indexing. For many companies, especially those building apps for internal use, the cost of developing, testing, and maintaining applications for several platforms is unreasonable. Gartner predicts that best pwa applications by next year, up to 20% of companies will abandon their native mobile applications. Instead, they believe that PWA will become a more viable alternative to them. With more than 90% of users resorting to smartphones, OLX realized the need to pay attention to its mobile user experience and it launched the OLX Progressive Web App.

With all things said, it is understandable if you’re left with some uncertainty, wondering whether or not you have warmed up to the idea of implementing PWA yet. Google has made it clear that there is only one index for serving all search results, as opposed to separate “main” and “mobile-first” search indices. This means that you need to make sure your website is performing great, primarily, on mobile devices.

Medium’s initial objective in 2012 was to revolutionize the blogging platform with short stories that appealed to a wide range of audiences. When one of Switzerland’s big news websites began flashing articles in public places such as airports and gas stations, it quickly became immensely popular. According to Google, it recorded a 76 percent increase in overall conversions. AliExpress is one of the most popular apps for B2C transactions today, because of its extremely responsive PWA.

Web apps are developed and designed from scratch to work online. The internet connection might drop or get slow for a few minutes, but once it gets back, every user wants their action to be registered, no matter what. The issue with web apps is that getting them to work offline is not an easy task.

Since PWAs are independent of distribution services through Google Play, the App Store, or even Microsoft developers, they do not have to adhere to stringent requirements to maintain their app. This ‘freedom’ makes it easier for owners to adjust and update their apps responsive to client needs. It may seem like a daunting task – but you need to turn your website into a progressive web app to really have an impressive, modern, optimal web presence.

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