Top 15 Mobile App Development Frameworks For 2022

Top 15 Mobile App Development Frameworks For 2022

In the following section, we provide an overview of the most widely used frameworks for building cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms. Our summaries include the programming languages these frameworks are based on, as well as their main features and advantages. As one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks, React Native has a large and strong community of developers who share their technical knowledge. Thanks to this community, you can get the support you need when building mobile apps with the framework. Mobile engineers use cross-platform mobile development frameworks to build native-looking applications for multiple platforms, such as Android and iOS, using a single codebase.

With Flutter, you can easily trace your code changes when you recreate a widget tree. All these benefits along with an uncompromised assurance towards user-friendly app creation make Ionic ‘iconic’ in essence. Given all its likability, this framework is however limited to a plugin dependency unlike its counterparts- Flutter and React Native. There’s constant activity on the Ionic Forum, where community members exchange knowledge and help each other overcome their development challenges. You can easily start using Multiplatform Mobile in existing projects.

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Xamarin is one of the top mobile app development frameworks and it is .Net based. Being a cross-platform and open source app building platform, Xamarin offers a development ecosystem with backend, API, components, etc. It is a .Net developer platform supported by various tools, libraries, and programming languages. With Xamarin developers, you can build native applications with the support of an active community for Android, tvOS, watchOS, iOS, macOS, and Windows. With demand for cross-platform solutions for mobile app development growing, the number of tools available on the market is increasing as well.

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With cross-platform frameworks, developers can easily code applications once and deploy them to run effectively across various platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. This trend has caused a drop in the use of native development, resulting in higher demand for the more economic-friendly cross-platform development frameworks. Consequently, there is an overwhelming amount of cross-platform app development tools floating around. Thankfully, there are various existing frameworks in place that ease the process of mobile app development. This article is determined to provide you an overall image of the frameworks commonly used by the top app development companies in USA.

Mobile Angular UI would serve as a perfect framework for developing modern web and mobile applications. Fifteen different mobile app development frameworks for you to choose from. Swiftic is one of the best mobile app development frameworks available in the iOS platform. Using Swiftic is a convenient option as you get 30 days money-back guarantee option for all its plans. Find out how frequently the public API and tooling for a prospective framework changes. For example, some changes to native operating system components break internal cross-platform behavior.

NativeScript is a free, cross-platform framework that is based on JavaScript and seems to be a perfect one. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that NativeScript is the best choice for developers who want WORA functionality. Angular – Hire AngularJS developers to develop java mobile apps development dynamic web applications for your users. Android – Hire On-Demand team of android developers to develop effective and reliable android apps. TestingAutomated Testing – Our QA experts bring complete automation to the process of QA & Testing for your apps.


React Native combines the good things about JavaScript and React.JS and gives developers the option of writing modules in Objective-C, Swift, or Java. Cross-platform app development has a lot going for it, which is why it’s so popular now. Over the years, cross-platform app development has become one of the most popular ways to build mobile applications. A cross-platform, or multiplatform, approach allows developers to create apps that run similarly on different mobile platforms. Despite the robust opportunity to enable customization of the theme of the apps, apps created using this framework are notably lightweight.

It also has an extensive library of JavaScript modules that make web apps more accessible. Based on AngularJS, Ionic is one of the best and most popular cross-platform app frameworks. It lets developers access native platform controllers using various languages, such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and Cordova wrapper. Before something can be called the “best” in a field or category, it must meet specific criteria. A component framework Svelte is a compiler first, and a UI framework later. Svelte is lightweight and robust and also helps to reduce the data bundle size making the website load and run more quickly.

Apps built on the Xamarin framework are written in C#, a modern cross-platform app development language with advantages over Objective-C and Java. Ionic is built on a SAAS user interface framework that was made especially for mobile operating systems. It has a lot of UI components that can be used to build strong apps. Although Flutter is one of the contemporary cross-platform tools, it has gained massive ground in the app development market.

Understanding the salient features of hosting your application on a single or cross-platform along with the benefits either of them would serve your application is equally essential. This is possible because it is built on a JQuery Core and configured with an HTML5 based user interface system. The framework also uses a simplified API that establishes high responsiveness and supports faster development of apps. JQuery Mobile is capable of setting up automatic initialization and host CSS manipulation schemes.

PhoneGap is a framework known for its easy development amidst android app development companies in USA. It uses the support of languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform app development. This makes the generation of applications on desktop applications possible, which can later be linked to mobile applications. Sani Yusuf is the founder of Haibrid, a company focused on creating innovative mobile solutions with hybrid technologies operating from London, England. From a single platform application to cross-platform application, mobile application development is evolving every day. With such evolution, the mobile development trends have witnessed a major paradigm shift in terms of code, script, platforms, integration, development method, and deployment.

Sencha Touch has been around for almost a decade and helps make web-based, cross-platform apps. It is usually used to make efficient apps that use hardware acceleration techniques. Using Sencha Touch, developers can make UI components and libraries that have been tested and are safe to use. It is possible to build and manage large business apps efficiently and effectively.

How To Redesign An App For Scaling: The Complete Guide

With so many cross-platform app development frameworks available, it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for you. We’ve compiled a list of five tools you can use within your organization. Your choice of mobile app development framework is the foundation you lay forth for your application to prosper with increased user engagement. Monaca is a cross-platform hybrid app development framework that provides a flexible environment for development. The flexible characteristic of Monaca enables it to be integrated into existing workflow effortlessly with easy deployability. This is because it is a cloud-based framework and codes used to develop the app can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere.

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With our experience from past decades and ability to test on over 10 different VR devices and versions, this makes us one of the most sorted shops for AR/VR development and testing. Functional Testing – We ensure that the apps we build are tested against the committed and expected functionality. From testing functional to user interface across different platforms and browsers, we make sure your product works as expected every time. User Interface Design – Effective user interface works hand in hand with great user experience design. From our design workshops to the complete prototyping, we work hand in hand with you to create beautiful and unique user interface designs for your apps. Just as mentioned above, web development costs cannot be defined without proper development project requirements.

It’s better to be aware of possible challenges you may face when working with the mobile app development framework. You can also browse GitHub and check how many bugs the framework has and how these bugs are being handled. This open-source mobile application development framework was initially released in 2014. NativeScript allows you to build Android and iOS mobile apps using JavaScript or languages that transpile to JavaScript, like TypeScript, and frameworks like Angular and Vue.js.


Apps built on this framework don’t need to be coded separately for each platform. Instead, they only need to be coded once, which gives them the foundation they need to run well on all platforms. It is one of the most popular ways to build apps today, and almost all of the best companies that offer mobile app development services swear by it. All cross-platform app development frameworks are built with efficiency and scalability in mind.

  • After considering various factors like operating system, development time and much more, we have curated this list of top mobile app development frameworks.
  • All these services are accessible for free from this framework which makes it incredibly cost-effective.
  • React components wrap existing native code and interact with native APIs via React’s declarative UI paradigm and JavaScript.
  • This mobile UI framework offers the basic mobile development components that are missing from Bootstrap 3.
  • For example, tools and libraries aren’t the same on these operating systems, so there may be many differences when it comes to the business logic.
  • It is optimised to automatically alter animations to provide equal performance quality throughout a varying range of devices.

Read on to understand how to revamp your app and prepare it for a scaling process. Other impressive features of Swiftic include its ability to integrate third-parties coherently and provide definitive advanced analytics. The volume and quality of available learning resources about a framework can also help you understand how smooth your experience will be when working with it. Developers have easy access to the Android and iOS SDKs without any restrictions. The Meta Open Source team has put together a short overview of React Native, where they explained the project in beginner’s terms.

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks In 2022

Leadership – JumpGrowth has an excellent leadership team with cumulative experience running over multiple decades. Our leaders are well versed in the latest and best practices required to make your apps unique and successful. Along with that, React JS offers secured data flow, efficient memory data structures and various other features that minimize the development time and offers amazing results. Well-known brands such as Grammarly, Outlook, Codecademy, Netflix, Paypal and many more uses React JS.

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Onsen UI is recognized as the most powerful tool when it comes to crafting complex mobile applications. It builds brilliant HTML apps with JavaScript, HTML, CSS. It also supports the libraries like Angular JS1, Angular 2+, React, and Vue. One thing that is applaud worthy of this platform is its competency to the app’s appearance depending on the platforms. For instance, if we wish to have a native look for iOS and Android, it utilizes the automatic styling on the UI components. Its rich set of UI components includes tabs, stack navigation, lists, forms, etc. Its also great cross-platform app development framework because it lets developers make cross-platform apps using existing web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

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With React Native, one team can maintain two platforms and share a common technology—React. React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Jessica is a millennial who wakes up every morning with her Apple watch vibration and quickly order breakfast from the Uber Eats before rushing to work in an Easy Taxi. This is just a gist of a few morning hours of Jessica’s app-dependent life. Everyone like Jessica is using multiple mobile applications to make life easier. Since only one application works on all platforms, it is easier to keep up with changes and send code.

Load Testing – JumpGrowth helps you scale your products and check the load prior to when things start growing so that they do not break down in real life environments. We perform load testing effectively on web and mobile apps to make sure they work smoothly for your users all the time. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and maintains relations with clients. His charismatic and result driven approach has benefited the company to grow and achieve this height where the company stands right now. His vision, long term planning and sharp knowledge on latest technologies made this organization so successful and profitable in such a short period of time. Harnil ensures that the company gets up-to-date & latest knowledge on different technologies and trends in this competitive market.

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